What do George Whitefield, Isaac Watts, John Knox, Martin Luther, and Charles spurgeon_sm[1]Spurgeon have in common? Several answers could be given such as –  they were ministers of the Word of God, writers of theological works, involved in periods of revival, etc.

However, the answer to the above question is that they are the subjects of a series of biographies subtitled A Long Line of Godly Men written by Steven Lawson and published by Reformation Trust. They were important in their own right but they were also important as representatives of the Christian faith. Each of them left a legacy to the generations who followed.

The question may also serve as an introduction to the Lee Roberson Christian Dr.-Lee-RobersonHeritage Center located on the campus of the Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee. The Christian Heritage Center, named in honor of the long-time Pastor of the Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, features the lives of Christians who not only followed the Lord faithfully but also continue to serve as examples to our generation.

The words legacy and heritage are frequently used in our day. A legacy is defined as what an individual leaves to the following generation and a heritage refers to what the person receives from the previous generation. Social historians say that the United States is experiencing the bequeathing of a heritage and the receiving of a legacy:  the transfer of the greatest amount of material wealth in our history from one generation to another.

However, we are convinced that there is the need for another transfer to take place in our nation. It is not the transfer of material wealth but the transfer of the vast heritage of the Christian faith to the rising generation. While each person must believe for himself and grace cannot be willed to another, we are heirs of the lives and testimonies of those who faithfully served the Lord in previous generations.

It is our intention on this blog to share aspects of this heritage with you. We also extend a personal invitation to come to the Crown College of the Bible and visit the Christian Heritage Center. If that is not possible, perhaps this blog telling of the individuals whom we highlight can be an encouragement to follow in their footsteps.

In Psalm 16:6, David wrote, “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.” As Christians of the 21st century, we too have a goodly heritage. An understanding of that goodly heritage can encourage us to dedicate our lives to serve the Lord faithfully.

On a final note, we stated that the answer to the question pertaining to Whitefield, Watts, and others was that they were the subjects of a series of biographies. However, there is an additional answer to the question. Each of those individuals occupies an honored place in a long line of Godly men (and women!) in the Lee Roberson Christian Heritage Center because of their contributions to the Christian faith and their consistent witness of His grace and salvation.

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